Andre, Francoise Marise Sylviane (1926-)

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  • Born in Les Sable-d'Olonne, Vendee, (Bay of Biscay), France, Andre studied at the Academic Royale des Beaux-Arts in Brussels (1943-48), then in Antwerp and Paris (1949-50),
    before arriving in Canada and moving to Vancouver in 1951. A portrait painter with a flair for abstract humanism, Andre was influenced by Ingre, Van Eyck, Brueghel and Henry Moore.
    She worked in several mediums, including oil, watercolour, tempera and mixed media, and taught at the University of British Columbia and the Banff School of Fine Art. Andre
    moved to Chicago with her artist husband, Charles Stegeman, in 1962. Her work is represented in the Belgian Government, Brussels.
    She exhibited at the RCA in 1963 and MMA in 1963-4.

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