Airola, Dr. Paavo (1918-1983) OSA, ARCA, CSPWC

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  • Paavo O. Airola, Ph.D., N.D., RCA (1918 - 1983) was a nutritionist, naturopathic physician, artist, educator and award-winning author.
    Raised and educated in Europe, Dr. Airola studied biochemistry, nutrition, and natural healing in biological medical centers of Sweden, Germany, and Switzerland. He lectured extensively worldwide, both to professionals and laymen, holding yearly educational seminars for physicians. He was a visiting lecturer at universities and medical schools, including the Stanford University Medical School.
    Dr. Paavo Airola authored fourteen books, two of which became international best-sellers:
    Dr. Airola served as president of the International Academy of Biological Medicine; a member of the International Naturopathic Association; and a member of the International Society for Research on Civilization Diseases and Environment, the forum for worldwide research founded by Dr. Albert Schweitzer.
    Paavo Airola began his career as an artist. After World War II, he immigrated to Canada, where he lived near Cobourg, Ontario and was first instructor of the Cobourg Art Club. He then moved to the United States, settling in Arizona. His artwork is displayed at the Gallery of Northumberland.
    Dr. Paavo Airola died at age 64 of a stroke, which was the result of complications from injuries sustained during his emigration from Finland to Canada after World War II.

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